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Round Tube Profile

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11 Oct 2023
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Selling Round Tube Profile

  Round Tube is a type of aluminum profile suitable for use as a frame. This product has a hollow round tray resembling a pipe with a diameter ranging from 1 to 10 inches. This product is made with high-tech extrusion machines so that it has quality and guaranteed quality. We use powder coating finishing to get the color accents so it is more attractive.
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PT. Alumex Perkasajaya

PT. Alumas Perkasajaya was officially established at in 1993 and has more than 50 years of experience. Our company is engaged in the production of aluminum Extrusion is useful as a basic material in the manufacture of various equipment to meet household and industrial needs. Our products can be ordered in various shapes and sizes in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Our company has the latest technology machines for various production processes such as Melting, Molding, Extrusion, Anodizing and Powder Coating. Also supported by professional human resources so as to create quality production results to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. The production of PT. Perkasajaya Alumex has been spread both at home and abroad. The trust of our clients is a top priority in establishing cooperation so that we can continue to grow and expand sales overseas.

Aluminum Extrusion & Aluminum Smelting Plant Tangerang

Along with the development of increasingly advanced times, even more diverse needs ranging from household needs to with the needs for industry. This provides many opportunities from various industrial sectors including aluminum extrusion. This aluminum can be processed into a variety of needs ranging from small to large sizes from household needs to industrial needs. We are an Aluminum Extrusion Factory and also Tangerang Aluminum Smelting Factory which has experienced since 1993 but only that we also sell and also provide services for Aluminum Extrusion, Aluminum profiles, Aluminum Molding Services, Aluminum Casting, Aluminum Anodize, Tangerang Powder Coating and many more the other. PT. Alumex Perkasajaya is known as one of the Indonesian Extrusion Aluminum companies that already has credibility so that our aluminum products are distributed domestically to foreign countries developing the domestic industrial sector.

We conduct regular internal meetings that are followed by the board of directors and heads of staff to achieve the goals
together. Our company has more than 400 employees, as well as dozens of employees in the main office who are ready to provide the best service to our clients or prospective customers.

Each employee is equipped with special costumes to improve safety standards at work. Aluminum Extrusion production PT. Alumas Perkasajaya has reached 3000 tons annually and we have a production machine with the latest technology and continue to upgrade equipment to keep abreast of the times.

We have professional staff in each field, so we can deal with problems more effectively and make our products have high quality standards.

We buy raw materials (ingots or billets) and the best mining company, PT. Alumex Perkasajaya obtained raw material from PT. Inalum Persero which has guaranteed credibility so that we can produce high quality aluminum

Aluminum can be made in various shapes and sizes.
PT. Alumex Perkasajaya has hundreds of dies in our facilities to meet complex market demands. We are also able to customize dies in accordance with requests from customers.

Extrusion Process PT. Alumex Perkasajaya uses state-of-the-art machinery. We have machines with a capacity of 800 - 1600 M. ton with qualified technology so that they are able to meet market needs more efficiently.

Aluminum PT. Alumex Perkasajaya has gone through an anodizing process that has followed international standards so that our products are able to withstand corrosion and have color stability that is resistant to ultraviolet light. Our aluminum products have gone through an anodizing process which aims to improve the quality of the material so that it is resistant to corrosion and
has color stability that is resistant to ultraviolet light.

Before sending to customers, we have ensured that all products are packed neatly and are ready to be processed for various types
industrial use. So if you are looking for Aluminum Extrusion Factory or Tangerang Aluminum Smelting Plant, we are the right company. For information and reservations please contact us to get more information.


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